Yoga with Nayana

Nayana considers her practice as a means to unite her person with her deepest & truest self. Yoga, for her, is a guide that helps navigate the path towards her highest potential.  She also sees it as a perfect tool that can help bridge the gap between material and spiritual ways of being - they are often seen as vastly contradictory ideas, but Nayana believes a life lived with purpose and intent often see these ideas merge into a more fulfilling existence.

Nayana was exposed to the idea of change and impermanence early on in life, and the acceptance of the inevitability of that - the Japanese idea of Wabi-Sabi (侘寂) ; taught her many valuable lessons that have held her in good stead in life so far.


Her personal practice includes many styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar and Universal Yoga but believes that all yoga is born out of Hatha.

In her classes you can expect the liberty of dynamic flows, but also the stability of long hold Hatha asanas as well as the juicy release work that Yin yoga allows us.


She decided to take a break from her corporate career of over 10 years at Google Singapore to explore what her reason for being is and pursuing a dharma that resounds with her. She wants to move towards a life where her :


Nayana is immensely grateful for all that yoga and her teachers have given her and wants to bring to people the magic of this practice. She writes a blog titled Samasthiti, expressing her continued journey to find a balanced stillness in her practice on and off her mat.

She is a Hatha Yoga trained teacher, a certified Yoga Therapist as well as being trained in pre/post natal yoga.

Nayana is based in Bangalore, India and mostly teaches  private classes with her work there being focused on Yoga Therapy. She also leads small group classes.


You can also write in for any class enquiries in Bangalore or if you would like to work with Nayana at one of your corporate retreats.