Live Online Class

Requirements for Practice

  • Yoga Mat : ideally one that does not slip.

  • Space : I would love to be able to see you all form head to toe when you're standing up - so I can give posture alignments if & when needed. Choose a space that is quiet and well lit for you to be able to hear me clearly.

  • Zoom account (please sign up for the free basic plan).

  • Props (Optional)​

    • Blocks and  yoga straps can help immensely if you have a stiff body.

    • Towel : to place under the knees if you have sensitive knees

    • A bottle of drinking water

    • A sheet or a blanket : to cover yourselves in for Shavasana in case you feel cold

    • Please register using the link below .

Group Class Timings

Hatha [Beginner]

  • Mon-Wed-Fri : 8:00-9:00 AM IST

Vinyasa [Beginner/ Intermediate]

  • Tue-Thurs-Sat : 7:00-8:00 AM IST 

  • Mon-Wed-Fri : 4:30-5:30 PM IST



Group Classes

  • Monthly Package : 3600 INR per month (12 classes in a month) 60 mins each [payment made at the beginning of every month]

These classes will be charged through a. monthly package. no refunds of your fee if you miss any of the monthly sessions. 


Private Classes

  • Yoga Therapy : 1800 INR for 60 mins (this include a free 30 min consultation on your health condition) [ maximum of two people ]

  • Hatha /Vinyasa/Yin : 1000 INR for  60 mins [ maximum of two people ]

  • Pre /Post Natal : 1000 INR for 60 mins [ individual ]


Please send an interest via the Contact section and I will get back to you asap. Once payment goes through, I will add you to a WhatsApp group where I communicate with my students.

Health Concerns

If you're working with any injuries or have health concerns, please send me an email on and also make sure you have spoken with your doctor about undertaking this practice. I will be mentioning contraindications in class, but always feel free to skip an asana if you find that it doesn't serve you well.