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The essence of yoga is to enable one to experience the treasures that exist within ourselves and to be able to flower into our potentials.

Our retreats allow you to step away from the busyness of our day to day lives and experience quietude. We select location that are conducive for this work and that embody this spirit. Unsurprisingly these are also venues that are nestled in the lap of nature - our primary teacher of love and growth.

We invite you to 2 sessions of yoga everyday - morning and evening. During the day, we will visit local sights, temples monasteries or just walk in the silence of the mountains. One will always have the time & space for reflection and reading as well. Our yoga classes are open to all levels.

Food is important to us. Our endeavour is to choose venues that source locally and prepare fresh, home-style food. Simple Indian preparations always keep the Ayurvedic principles of cooking in mind, and we want to offer that to our guests. Come join us for one of our retreats to deepen your practice and to gift yourself unforgettable experiences.

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