Live Online Class


Requirements for Practice

  • Yoga Mat : ideally one that does not slip.

  • Space : I would love to be able to see you all form head to toe when you're standing up - so I can give posture alignments if & when needed. Choose a space that is quiet and well lit.

  • Zoom account (please sign up for the free basic plan).

  • Props (optional)​

    • Blocks and yoga straps can help immensely if you have a stiff body.

    • Towel : to place under the knees if you have sensitive knees

    • A bottle of drinking water

    • A sheet or a blanket : to cover yourselves in for Shavasana in case you feel cold



Group Classes

  • Monthly package of 3600 INR per month (12 classes in a month) 60 mins each [payment made at the beginning of every month]

  • These classes will be charged through a. monthly package. No refunds of your fee if you miss any of the monthly sessions. 


Private Classes

  • Payment at the beginning of the month, 

  • If the student cancels LESS than 24 hours before the scheduled session, fee will not be refunded nor rescheduled

  • If the student cancels MORE than 24 hours before the scheduled session, they will be able to reschedule as per the teacher's availability

  • If the teacher cancels , student will be rescheduled as per their availability


Please send an interest via the Contact section and I will get back to you asap. Once payment goes through, I will add you to a WhatsApp group where I communicate with my students.

Health Concerns

  • All group classes include a free trial. All my classes are 60 minutes and include 10 minutes of pranayama & 6-8 minutes of shavasana.

  • If you're working with any injuries or have health concerns, please send me an email on nayanacariappa@gmail.com and also make sure you have spoken with your doctor about undertaking this practice, while yoga is a holistic practice for health and vitality, these clips should not replace the advice from your healthcare provider.

  • I will be mentioning contraindications in class, but always feel free to skip an asana if you find that it doesn't serve you well. 

  • I will be mentioning special adjustments and alternatives for menstruating women

  • My teaching philosophy is to help individuals build a sustainable yoga practice. You will not find handstands in my classes or severe arm balances of inversions - it is not what i practice and hence not what I teach.