Written Word

I love to write. I love yoga. I love to daydream and stare at the clouds moving across the skies. Most of my words come to me when I am in Shavasana or gazing into the horizon, focusing on nothing, just being. Over the last few years I've collected my thoughts on a blog called Samastithi Nine and I've recently started writing on Medium, both links are below. I also send out a monthly newsletter, Tüz ~ a Hungarian word meaning Soul Fire, to my students and you will find links download them below. I hope you will find something in either of these mediums that sparks joy in you.


Tüz, Aug 2020

I speak about how we are all buddhas, but how do we recognise and embody that? Thoughts on Silence & Meditation. 

Anatomically, we do a deep dive on what a Breath is and how it works and some myths - all thanks to a gorgeous teacher - Leslie Kaminoff. 


Tüz,July 2020

Tools that helped me in "finding my bliss" but also assist me in living with integrity in all spheres of my life.

The shape of our spine & how we can adjust our practice & our teachers cues to better support it.


Tüz,June 2020

How to move with the Moon: how those who menstruate practitioners can sync their practice to the phases of the moon.

A gorgeous banana bread recipe


Tüz, May 2020

My thoughts on feeling all of your emotions deeply

Feeling Wheel : a tool to help you with it

Immunity yoga sequence


Tüz, April  2020

Yoga beyond Asana : Ishwara Pranidhana

Sanskrit Names : Downward Facing Dog & Standing Forward Fold

Muscles : Serratus Anterior, Rhomboids & Trapezius


Tüz, March 2020

Welcometo Tüz 

How to Practice at Home

Japa Mantra : Maha Mrityunjaya