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Here are a few of my favourite things that inspire me. You will find in this section writings - mine & those of others, music, phases of the moon & other dates that are key to note in your spiritual journey in 2022.

Written Word: My blog titled Samasthiti where I write about my continuous journey of the yoga of my present self and my higher self. You'll be able to download previous newsletters of mine - i write about a bunch of things - mostly topics my students have expressed interest in learning about. 

Music I Love: I believe that music & kirtans are the best way to detach. yourself from the chaos of life and find the inner rhythm, and try to be in tune with life instead of out of tune with it.

Phases of the moon: The cycles of moon move and inspire many movements in the natural world and within our inner world - irrespective of what gender you identify yourself with. Find on this page the phases of the moon for 2022 and associated practices that will guide your practice & journey. 


Breathing in Inspiration: Writings by fellow thinkers of the human mind and the faith of humanity have always been a huge part of what I teach & how I teach it but also how I live my life. Find here books that have had a profound impact on me.

A Container of Practices: A variety of free audio practices with me !

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