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I started yoga sessions with Nayana about 4 months ago with the primary goal of improving my health and stabilizing my blood pressure. I am very impressed with her detailed knowledge of the different forms of yoga and the treatment of various health concerns through yoga techniques. Over the course of the last few months, I have observed a marked improvement in my health, flexibility and core strength thanks to her customized program. She is patient and takes the time to understand my needs and designs specific programs to address them. Her pleasant demeanor and calming voice always result in an invigorating and delightful yoga session. I hope to continue my yoga sessions with her for as long as she is available to do so and would strongly recommend her as an accomplished,  premium yoga teacher and certainly the best that I have come across in all my years of practicing yoga.


~ Varun Vijay Rao 

Former corporate CEO and current serial entrepreneur 

Nayana has been my yoga teacher for the past 6 months and I have greatly benefitted from her classes. I have a thyroid problem and clubbed with some of my injuries (rotator cuff, knee, hip) I was looking for a yoga teacher who could provide personalised attention to address my health and weight concerns.

At the outset, I would like to share that Nayana is an amazingly patient and extremely competent yoga expert. She has not only enabled me to be driven to practising yoga everyday but her vast knowledge of various schools of yoga has made my yoga lessons highly engaging and very interesting. She is an expert in Hatha and Ashtanga and she employed both schools seamlessly in remedying my stiff joints and inflexibility.

I had learnt Ashtanga yoga in Sweden while I lived there and was fixed about only practising the same but working with Nayana has opened my eyes about the great value of each form of yoga.

I would recommend Nayana as a yoga teacher for anyone who is looking for an excellent balance of expertise in the practice of yoga and the calm capability to train any type of student.

~ Meghna Saxena

Loved the 'Yoga Nidra' session conducted by Nayana. It was a perfect blend of relaxation, rejuvenation & revitalization. Nayana's rhythmic voice along with soothing sound effects in the background enhanced the instructions in a balanced way. Yoga Nidra was so relaxing that I fell asleep for a few minutes, after which I woke up feeling fresh and focused. Definitely worth a try for anyone who needs to achieve the state of calmness & relaxation, while amplifying their positive energies.

~ Saurabh Jain 

When I signed up for Nayana's Yoga Retreat in Andretta, I had gone with an open mind with the intention to do whatever is told even though it is outside of my comfort zone.


I am someone who does not exercise regularly and therefore to signup for 7 days 4 hrs each day of yoga was a huge thing. I enjoyed the yoga sessions thoroughly and enjoyed my progression over the 7 days (by the end I was almost able to touch my feet ). I liked how Nayana introduced us to different forms of yoga (my fav being Yin yoga). She answered all questions in detail and with lots of patience. 


All that yoga was accompanied by some quiet time to relax , read or just enjoy nature. The resort had basic amenities but that is all we required. Meal times were the best where we ate freshly made food and indulged in hours of conversation. The afternoon activities like pottery, trip to an ayurvedic center for a traditional massage, a whole day tour of Dharamshala were such fun.


I came back with some beautiful memories and the realisation that Yoga is not an integral part of my life.



~ Pallavi Tallavajhala (attended yoga retreat @ Andretta Mirage)

There are far and few who have had an approach to yoga like Nayana. I was not new to yoga when I met her but my knowledge and love for the institution has only grown because of her influence. For me, my journey with her started with the intention to improve my breathing technique and accelerate my weight loss and it continues today as a long-standing relationship with the yogic science and philosophy and the teacher disbursing that
information. I have attended two workshops and now I am a regular in her weekly classes that she hosts.

What stood apart for me:


  •  Attention to detail and result oriented approach – I have been able to work on my initial goals but have also managed to gain strength and add to my mental well-being as a result of these classes. She also takes care to ensure there is no injury through constant supervision and reiterates the principle of making advancements in yoga in a slow and steady manner.

  •  Systematic approach to designing classes – she is the only yoga teacher who asked me for a medical history and recorded the same to evaluate in the future. There was continuous monitoring based on which tweaks were made to the classes.

  •  Focus on theory and supporting knowledge through newsletters and tit bits in classes which is a great blend of theory and practice.

  • Great value for your investment of time and money.

  • Above all, there is also a general ease in her delivery that makes you comfortable, helps you push yourself further and rest your faith in her which I believe is the foundation to a holistic learning and continuous improvement.



Thank you Nayana – your presence has made all the difference.


~ Aishwarya Ravindran

Nayana's Yoga Nidra session was really wonderful. The timing was just right - after work as I generally find myself tense, thinking about work, things to do and struggle to tune off. Nayana's session was an extremely calming experience for me and I just drifted off into a state of oblivion focusing only on her instructions. The way she conducted the session felt like she was taking us through an adventure and the entire journey seemed pretty vivid. She also spoke about how to differentiate between genuine Yoga Nidra and other not to authentic variations.
I did fall asleep in the middle of the session - while you're not supposed to but I guess that's a testimony to how soothing and relaxing the session was! Loved it!

~ Pranav Dangwal 

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