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Tanjavur Tales

தஞ்சாவூர் கதைகள்

Yoga Retreat in the city of temples

Itinerary at a glance
Venue : INDeco Resort Swamimalai

INDeCo  Swamimalai

Swamimalai, in Kumbakkonam, near Tanjore, houses several temples. Distinctively, INDeco Hotels, Swamimalai, lies amidst 3 UNESCO World Heritage destinations: Darasuram, Gangaikondacholapuram and the Bragadeeswara Temple in Tanjore. 

A heritage hotel was created out of an 1896 village ~ Thimmakudy and is India's only winner of the prestigious Global Eco Tourism Award.

 Kumbakonam is situated in the Thanjavur district of the state of Tamil Nadu with the two rivers, Cauvery and Arasalar flowing on its either sides; while Cauvery flows on the northern side of Kumbakonam, Arasalar flows on the southern side.

Retreat & Relax


The house in the village of Kumbakonam has an old world charm. Transformed from a home into a hotel, it has turned into an experience, providing local flavour for the global market, created by local craftsmen, serviced by the neighbourhood and entertained through local talent.

The accommodation preserves the charm of bygone era with all modern facilities. Indulge in yoga, meditation and experience the Ayurvedic treatment center at the hotel; The retreat is perfect to escape cities and enjoy simple pleasures of the village.



Dining is a treat as the culture is reflected in the cuisines.The eco-friendly resort even grows the ingredients like vegetables and fruits in the garden as per traditional farming practices. Enjoy dining in the traditional restaurant savouring fresh and delicious recipes.

DAY 1, Feb 16

7.30pm  onwards       Welcome Dinner & Meet & Greet

DAY 2-6, Feb 17-21

7.00am    -  8:30am       Morning Practice

8.30am    -  10.00am     Breakfast

10.00pm  -  11.00am     Travel

11.00am  -  5.30pm       Excursions (details below)

5.30pm    -  6.30pm      Tea Time | Break

6.30pm    -  7.30pm       Evening Practice

7.30pm    -  8.00pm       Refresh

8:00 pm onwards .        Dinner


DAY 7, Feb 22

7.00am   - 8.00am          Breakfast

8.00am   - 10.30am        Departure 

Travel & Excursions

  • By Road

    The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation has buses that connect Swamimalai to almost all the major cities of the state. One can avail of regular buses to Swamimalai from Kumbakonam, Trichy, Chidambaram and Chennai. As this is a popular religious spot for tourists, the number of buses varies from season to season depending on festivals, poojas, etc being held.

  • By Train

    Kumbakonam Railway Station is the nearest station to Swamimalai and it lies at a distance of 8 kilometers from Swamimalai city and INDeCo Hotel - there are many trains that arrive at Kumbakonam. Both taxis and buses are available from Kumbakonam to Swamimalai.

  • By Air

    The nearest airport to Swamimalai is in Trichy, and it is situated at a distance of 85 kilometers away. The closest international airport is at Chennai, at a distance of about 264 kilometers from Swamimalai. Taxis from Trichy to Swamimalai cost around Rs. 1,000 while from Chennai to the same destination, the rate is around Rs. 3000.

Taxi Booking

  • has competitive rates.

  • At a cost, we can arrange transportation from INDeCO Hotels from Trichy.

Some of our activities over 6 days will include:

  • Visit to all UNESCO Heritage destinations.

  • Visit to the ancient Town of Tanjore and lunch at the lovely Svatma Resort

  • Village Cycling Tour around Thimmakudy

  • Yoga Classes x2 a day for 90 minutes each

  • An introduction to the Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

  • Visit to a Vedic school




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